Monday, June 10, 2013

Batman Turn (Dark Knight Returns)

Projects are flying at us so fast. I wish I had time to really tidy these up. I wish I had time to explore even more.
     Strange to think this would be the third Batman iteration I would be involved with. It's always extremely humbling to have the opportunity to create an 'animated shorthand' from some of the most admired and beloved Batman stories. Stories that I loved as a kid.
  I'd love to go back to this and color this turn up, just as an exercise to see how I would fully resolve this model. While I am not completely in love with this turnaround, MOI animation was awesome enough to make me look somewhat competent! They did an incredible job of tackling some of the potential stumbling blocks that were inherent in this design. They made Batman powerful and imposing in some scenes while adjusting him to allow for his swiftness and 'snappiness' in others.

© and TM DC Comics and WB Animation


Pancho said...

May I turn this turn around in 3D Sculpture?

jon suzuki said...

pancho-it's not really my property, but i THINK it is ok to use this as reference. i know someone had modeled red hood based on one of my previous turns. so long as it is not for commercial use i BELIEVE it is ok, but don't quote me on that.

Pancho said...

Roger that!
Thank you.