Thursday, February 21, 2013

Armored Dark Knight Turn

Turnaround for Batman for the end sequence in DKR Pt. 2.

© and TM DC Comics and WB Animation


Distrakt said...

This joint is so dope!

Efe said...

Awesome work! I loved the film. I think it had flaws though. I mean, the fight sequence with Superman was just awesome, but the death of the Joker... i don't know, it didn't have enough strength.

jon suzuki said...

efe- thanks for the compliments. how would you have plussed up the joker death scene? i actually kinda enjoyed it, but i am too close to the project to look at it objectively. inevitably too, i am sometimes more focused on how it LOOKS. joker was a tricky handle for this movie. i thought moi did a bang up job overall.