Friday, February 06, 2015


Forever ago since this was designed. Forever ago since I have posted.

I'm not even sure how his outfit was colored. This color scheme was based on the game.

Again, considering how much linework is in this design, I am absolutely thrilled at the results (though I have yet to see the finished product). That being said, my current and most recent projects, both professional and personal are HOPEFULLY a lot less cumbersome and more easily digestible for animators and viewers!


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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Final Joker Design: Assault on Arkham

Final Joker design for "Assault on Arkham." It was fun to design a spindly and crazier-eyed Joker in contrast to the design we came up with for 'DKR.' Definitely one of my favorites from this DTV.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Harley Concept

Early initial concept for Harley Quinn. I think the difficult part was trying to figure out what to embrace and what to discard from the Arkham universe.
  I loved how gritty and rough the Harley game concepts are. I also looked into the Suicide Squad comics to see if there were any other elements or motifs that I could work into this design to make it unlike any previous version seen in our DCU dtv's.

  I still like this rough. Some elements I would not think to use in animation and I hope to work them into some other design in the future.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Joker Head Turn

a fairly conventional head turn. again, a lot of what defines joker in DK 1 & 2 is his range of emotion. From how we initially see him, subdued and catatonic, to the later scenes where is he psychopathic, what helped define Joker is how far 'off model' we went with the character.

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Joker Expressions

a fun part of the job is doing expressions/special poses for the characters. i think this is of vital importance. the more reference you give the animators, the better the results.  essentially, you are defining the 'parameters' of the character. how far can the character be pushed or contorted? what is his or her range of emotion? what defines this character?
   these were various shots that were called out by director Jay Oliva (please do check out the link. some great exercises/assignments for all you aspiring story artists). the actual model for joker is quite 'plain.'  it was awesome to see how far we pushed joker's range of emotion through the piece. moi animation did a tremendous job in helping the achieve this. it was also fun referencing what was done in the comic, a comic that i drew from when i was much much younger.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Batman Turn (Dark Knight Returns)

Projects are flying at us so fast. I wish I had time to really tidy these up. I wish I had time to explore even more.
     Strange to think this would be the third Batman iteration I would be involved with. It's always extremely humbling to have the opportunity to create an 'animated shorthand' from some of the most admired and beloved Batman stories. Stories that I loved as a kid.
  I'd love to go back to this and color this turn up, just as an exercise to see how I would fully resolve this model. While I am not completely in love with this turnaround, MOI animation was awesome enough to make me look somewhat competent! They did an incredible job of tackling some of the potential stumbling blocks that were inherent in this design. They made Batman powerful and imposing in some scenes while adjusting him to allow for his swiftness and 'snappiness' in others.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Robin (Carrie Kelley)

Such a fun design to work on. I was pretty pleased with how MOI Animation handled the character. Ariel Winter did a fantastic job voice acting.

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